About Full Disclosure Zine


I started full disclosure back in 2015 when I sick of reading heavily biased reviews of albums and gigs that presented themselves as fact. The timing also coincided with my discovery of Laura Mardon’s One Week Record that I felt was massively under appreciated and needed to be heard. 

Thus I decided to try my hand at reviewing the record and being as honest as possible about factors that may have influenced my opinions so readers could make up their own mind as to the legitimacy of my review. 

I have no background in music other than being a music lover and wannabe record collector, instead I’m an engineer who excels in analytics rather than creativity. My reviews are fairly structured to follow the flow of an album (how it was meant to be heard). 

My main genres of interest are Punk and folk punk but I dabble in others as something catches my eye. 

In 2018 I expanded my music reviews into a physical paper zine, at which time I expanded my reviews into my other passions, Coffee and Craft Beer as well and including some bonus features including an interview and a gig review. 

I managed 6 zines over a 12 month period before I ran out of steam and the whole Full Disclosure thing got put on ice for years. 

Hiatus and Return

After multiple failed attempts to reignite the zine between 2019 and 2023, I finally got the energy required to build a new website and kick off again In October 2023, while on 10 weeks parental leave.

How I Review

Full album reviews will be scored out of 10, while EP, Coffee and Beer reviews will be shorter in nature and limited to a score out of 5. 

I use a range of different audio setups to listen to music which you can check out here. They very well may impact perceptions of a record.