CbCo – Small Ale

Full disclosure: I enjoy a good drop of beer but I’m no connoisseur.

This has been my beer of choice for just over a year now since finding a Colonial Brewing tent at an AFL Women’s game. The first thing you’ll notice is the top of the can peels off and I’m not talking like a wide-mouth hole; it’s the entire top. This seems to be a staple of CbCo’s pale ale variants, I presume to get the aroma all up in your business.

At 3.5%, a 375ml can is only one standard drink which I think may classify it as a mid-strength, but it certainly doesn’t taste it. It’s fruity and hoppy and is a damn good beer, perfect any time of the year and never lets you down.


Matt Power
05 March 2018

CbCo Small Ale

Name Small Ale
Style Mid Strength Pale Ale
Brewery CbCo
Location Perth, WA & Port Melbourne, VIC
Country Australia
Strength 3.5% (Mid Strength)

CbCo Small Ale