CbCo – South West Sour

This beer has absolutely cemented Colonial Brewing Company (CBCo) as my favourite brewery. Their limited edition “South West Sour” is brewed in Perth and sits within a simple peach coloured can. While there is not any fancy artwork or anything, the can does feature CBCo’s peel off lid that I love.

In my last review of a sour, ‘7 Bells’ by Green Beacon, I proposed that maybe I’m just not cut out for sours. This beer proves that hypothesis wrong; it is hoppy, fruity, sweet and sour. The best way to describe the beer is like the best pale ale you can find, with a little more bubbles and a sour over tone.

I probably couldn’t imagine myself drinking too many of these at time given the are 1.4 standard drinks a piece, but damn they are a good treat. Get on them before the limited edition is gone!


Matt Power
6 May 2018

CbCo South West Sour

Name South West Sour
Style Sour Ale
Brewery CbCo
Location Perth, WA
Country Australia
Strength 4.6% (Full Strength)

CbCo South West Sour