Hop Nation – The Heart

I’m writing this review as I sink into the couch on a Friday night completely exhausted from work and having just tidied and vacuumed the house. I certainly feel like a beer and while I’m not sure I have the mental capacity left for a review, it’s my last Hop Nation ‘The Heart’ Pale Ale, and I’ve already put this off long enough, so it’s really now or never for the review. I mentioned this is my last beer; they come in four packs and I have bought the beer twice, so this makes it my 8th ever; enough to form some solid opinions.

What made buy this beer in the first place was the price (it was on sale for $15) but mostly the cool artwork on the can. The white can features a bright green – the universal colour of Pale Ale – shield overlaid with a white anatomical heart which morphs into some hops [a hop??

I don’t know the terminology] at the bottom. The blood vessels in the heart are the bright green colour and so is the hop(s). To the left sits the black and white ‘Hop Nation’ logo – it’s hipster and all but isn’t adding or detracting from the can artwork.

I can still recall cracking open this beer and trying it for the first time – it was the first BBQ of the season and drenched in sunlight I sipped one of the most refreshing mouthfuls of beer I’ve ever had. Fast forward to today, drinking this beer for the 8th time and I am finding it as refreshing as I did when I first tried it. The only other time I’ve found a beer and loved it so much so quick was almost 2 years ago when I tried a Colonial Pale Ale at the AFL Women’s.

The actual taste of the beer is light and fruity while still being appropriately hoppy (but not too much). The can describes itself as ‘floral and citrus’, and while I’d go more fruity and bright I’m not a beer critic and don’t really know anything. Reading the can a little further and I see the beer is also referred to as ‘crisp’ which resonates with me and is definitely a word I should have used myself to describe the beer.

This is the type of beer that is perfect in the sun for an afternoon session but just as perfect as a go-to for any occasion and certainly to wind down after a long week. ‘The Heart’ as certainly worked its way into my top 3 beers after just a few tries.


Matt Power
04 February 2019

Hop Nation The Heart Pale Ale

Name The Heart
Style Pale Ale
Brewery Hop Nation
Location Footscray, VIC
Country Australia
Strength 4.6% (Full Strength)

Hop Nation The Heart Pale Ale