Soy Flat White – True North Cafe

True North is our local, and favourite, café. They fill the building with metal music memorabilia and cats, so many cats! The food is delicious and specialises in black bean based Texas-style breakfasts. 

Onto the coffee… The presentation is suitably hipster in plain white compostable cups with the TN logo (left) hand stamped in black ink. I’m not sure why, but there’s something oddly satisfying about drinking from those compostable lids.

On this occasion the coffee was slightly hot for me but that allowed the aroma to fill my car while writing this review. When I do take the first sip it is excellent; nice and strong (I think they double-shot every coffee), with a nice velvet-y finish. I think the Coffee Supreme beans may be my favourite and I’m not sure many cafés use them. Would absolutely recommend this as an authentic, Melbourne coffee with a hint of punk.


Matt Power

5 March 2018

Venue True North Cafe
Location Coburg, VIC, AU
Style Soy Flat White
Milk Bonsoy
Beans Coffee Supreme