Soy Flat White – Footscray Doughnuts & Coffee

Another last day of work coffee! this time it’s my last day on secondment in Footscray and I’ve decided to review my go-to coffee place; Footscray Doughnuts & Coffee. The tiny stand-alone cubed premises looks more like a dropped shipping container or food truck than a coffee shop but it sits adjacent Footscray train station, next to a plaque on the ground paying tribute to the famous Olympic Doughnuts that stood before it. Sadly, Olympic Doughnuts closed early 2017 but I must say, Footscray Doughnuts & Coffee is doing its position proud.
On this occasion I bought two doughnuts, presented with the offer of jam (filling) and/or sugar (coating) I obviously went with both. I get back to the office to eat my doughnuts and for shelter from the freezing winter wind, when I bite into my doughnut I’m pleased it didn’t burn me but disappointed it didn’t warm me. To that end, the base (do doughnuts have bases?) was overly crispy & chewy. I don’t want to complain about my doughnut too much, I’ve had my share of delicious doughies from here before and even the occasional take home. As I bite into my second it is exactly what I was hoping for, slightly warmer, fluffy and perfect.
Anyway, this is a coffee review not a doughnut review… but by this stage I have unfortunately let my coffee cool too much by writing a doughnut review. Bon Soy is used in my soy flat white which makes for a wonderful experience, that milk is impossible to get wrong. The beans are locally roasted by Dad & Dave’s in the neighbouring hipster suburb of Yarraville and have a reasonably bold flavour. There is a good level of bitterness to the coffee with minimal fruity or sweetness, meeting my preferred palate. I have tried these beans at home though and they certainly don’t work well with all grinders/coffee machines (stick to Red Bean & Coffee Supreme beans).
The coffee is presented in what was a plain white cup, that has been branded with a Footscray Doughnuts & Coffee stamp which has ran as my slightly moist hands have held the coffee in the freezing cold. On the back side of the cup, the words “Soy FW” are hand written to let the barista know how to make my coffee. At this stage of the review I know I have got my most pretentious yet and I am 100% committed to it. The biggest let down is the standard black shiny plastic ‘Detpak’ lid that is very average to drink from. Where’s the biodegradable at?!
In summary, Footscray Doughnuts & Coffee is a serviceable replacement to Olympic Doughnuts and [surprisingly] do the best coffee in the centre of Footscray.
Footscray Coffee & Doughnuts Logo

Venue Footscray Doughnuts & Coffee
Location Footscray, VIC, AU
Style Soy Flat White
Milk Bon Soy
Beans Dad & Dave’s

Footscray Coffee & Doughnuts Logo