Soy Flat White -Traveller Coffee

There is a very small one-way street off Bourke and between Exhibition and Spring Streets called ‘Crossley Street’. This street hides what I believe to be Melbourne’s best coffee, made in a tiny coffee shop called Traveller.

They make their coffee with ‘Seven Seeds’ coffee beans in one of the smallest cafe’s you’ll find. There’s one coffee machine, one barista, one person in the kitchen and space to sit maybe 10 people. Food options are limited to pre-made (delicious looking) pastries and a selection of bagels.

The coffee is served in a white cup, printed with the seven seeds logo and my lid of choice; compostable. It’s audacious to print your own cups and I find it asserts some arrogance, but I’m willing to forgive it in this instance because the coffee is so good.

It is consistently the best-frothed soy milk I can find. The coffee as a whole is well heated (not too hot or cold), smooth, rich and is refreshingly bitter. My only gripe; it comes only in 8oz which is too small for a morning coffee.


Matt Power
4 April 2018

Traveller Coffee

Venue Traveller Coffee
Location Melbourne, VIC, AU
Style Soy Flat White
Milk Bonsoy
Beans Seven Seeds

Traveller Coffee